Sabotage: Give Me My Pet Back!

This is a showcase of the changes and upgrades we made to the game during Senior year. 

Team Hamster Wheel was originally composed by Unai Elizalde, Jaime Borondo, Niklas Bieck, Guillaume Azkoaga and Ane Unzueta on the tech side. On the art side, it was composed by Asier Astorga, Iñigo Ortega, Aurora Rodriguez and Pablo Pérez. It's a 2D metroidvania made during sophomore year, inspired by Guacamelee, Castlevania, Rayman and Rogue Legacy (among others). 

Currently, Team Hamster Wheel is composed of Unai Elizalde, Jaime Borondo, Mikel Intxaurbe, Daniel Cabero and myself.

The scope of the project was a lot larger than what the game was left in, so we decided to work on it some more to expand and improve upon.

Hamster Wheel 2016:


Iker Giménez Bilbao - General Programmer

Jaime Borondo Pérez-Gómez - Technical Director, Editor Programmer

Unai Elizalde Zamakona - Designer, Gameplay Programmer

Mikel Intxaurbe Alberdi - Gameplay Programmer

Daniel Cabero Aliño - Producer, General Programmer


Lars Aarhus - Music 

Thomas Parrish - Sound Effects


Hamster Wheel 2013-2014


Jaime Borondo Pérez-Gómez - Technical Director, Architecture Engineer, Sound Programmer

Unai Elizalde Zamakona - Designer, Gameplay Programmer

Niklas Bieck - Graphics Programmer

Guillaume Azkoaga - AI Programmer, Gameplay Programmer

Ane Unzueta - Gameplay Programmer


Asier Astorga Casado - Designer, Concept Artist, Producer, Tilemap Artist

Iñigo Ortega - Animator

Aurora Rodríguez Sánchez - Concept Artist, Animator

Danel Iriarte - Background Artist

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This is the state of the game before I got involved during my senior year.