Sophomore Year 2D Game Project

Dandelion is a 2D puzzle platformer inspired by Braid and Limbo. The design centered around a character with a Dandelion on his head. As the seeds were blown off by different things, he would age the less seeds were there. The child, adult and senior age stages all had different abilities to solve different puzzles.

People on the Project:


Iker Giménez Bilbao - Graphics Programmer, Technical Director

Gonzalo Castiella Lemmens - Gameplay Programmer, Gameplay Designer

Daniel Cabero Aliño - Physics Programmer

Mikel Intxaurbe Alberdi - Gameplay and Systems Programmer, Producer

Jingyu Lee - Systems Programmer, Technical Director


Adriana Urigüen Garcia - Environment Artist, Concept Artist, Prop Artist

Pablo Pérez Estévez - Environment Artist, Concept Artist, Animator

Ane Celaya - Producer, Animator, Concept Artist

Jon Ramos Rodriguez - Animator, Gameplay Designer

Andrea Galdiz - Animator


Iker Silvano

Carlos Varela

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