0xC054 N05TR4

 Junior Year 3D Game Project

Video used for our Gold Milestone presentation for my Junior Year Project 0xC054 N05TR4 The video isn't a final build of the game, but it show most of the work we did on the project.

0xC054 N05TR4 (Cosa Nostra) is a 3D top-down squad tactics game inspired by X-Com: Enemy Unkown (2012). The game is themed around robots who belong to an Italian mafia. The city that they live in is in the clouds, so there's a mixture of aesthetics between futuristic and Italian architecture.

People on the Project:


Iker Gimenez Bilbao - Graphics Programmer, Gameplay Designer

Jaime Borondo - Technical Director, AI Programmer

Daniel Cabero - Producer, UI Programmer

Guillaume Azkoaga - Gameplay Programmer, AI Programmer


Asier Astorga - Concept Artist, Design Lead, Modeler

Iñigo Ortega - Concept Artist, Modeler, Producer

Pablo Pérez - Lead Concept Artist, Modeler


Thomas Komair

Iker Silvano

Gorka Unanue

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