One of the most important parts of any job is building community. With the Internet, we are able to forge communities across large boundaries much faster than before. As part of forging a positive community, I created this page to link to pages of people or sites in general which help forge positive communities.


Stephanie Hurlburt

I met Stephanie through Twitter, and from the start she has struck me as a powerful, inclusive, and intelligent voice of the programming community. I really admire that she's focusing on giving back to other people and inspires me to try to do more for others. She is currently working on creating a texture compressor, called Basis, that already rivals some of the most used compressors in the industry. Check out her personal website for her blog posts that cover several topics and follow her on Twitter for more!


Rory Primrose \ Tech Mentors Website

As part of Stephanie's efforts to make the tech industry more inclusive, she has asked people on Twitter to tweet that they are willing to mentor and help people. Rory took the initiative a step further and built a website called Tech Mentors that seeks to make it easier for people to find the help they seek. I'm one of the mentors on the website, and while it's a work in progress, I believe it to be important to present yourself as willing to help as not everyone has the same opportunities.


Handmade Network

Inspired by Casey Muratori's Handmade Hero project, Handmade Network's goal is to create a community of programmers that aim to understand and be able to create things from scratch. While it may seem daunting to ask a programmer to learn and produce everything in a project, most projects that stick to this philosophy have a better result for the end user and the programmer.


Baldur Karlsson

Baldur is responsible for RenderDoc, a fantastic graphics debugging application I've used on my projects to hunt down some of the more obscure bugs. He has several posts about Vulkan and D3D12 that are very helpful to any experience level.


Apoorva Joshi

I came to know of Apoorva through the Handmade Network. He's working on Papaya, an image editor which is very lightweight. He used to work for Nvidia on the CUDA profiler. Currently, he is working at Playdead Games, creators of Limbo and Inside. He also wrote one of my favorite blog posts where he discusses learning to use GDB on Linux for people who are used to using Visual Studio on Windows